Dj since 1987 together with my bestfriend Dj Double P,  I did enjoy the great tracks Dance-HipHop-Downbeat-of the '90 in full (Snap/Soul II Soul/ Dr. Alban/Haddaway/Ice Mc/Vanilla Ice/Houseof Pain and many more)   I started to play percussions (Congas/Bongos/Djembe') in London in 2009 in the club Zebrano Bar  in Soho & Carnaby Street.

I would like to thank my Masters :
Mr. Shanks Putwain        Mr. Ramses Araia               Mr. Hans Cruz
      from London                from Costa Rica            from Domenic Rep.

Great drummers and percussionists, if you need lessons just get in touch with them , I reccommend them !

In 2011 and 2012 I did  partecipate at the Winter Music Conference in Miami South Beach following the "Are you Afro ?" group

The 18th of January 2013 I release my first Dance track "Just Fine" feat. Rubi on Itunes and Amazon Mp3 :

A big thank to Rubi for the vocals !

I am currently working on new tracks to be released on Itunes and Amazon Mp3, stay tuned !